Internet Marketing Success for Small Businesses

There was a time when internet marketing was an option for advertising but not anymore. According to “Using social media is no longer an option–it’s practically a requirement for small businesses who want to connect with their customers. (Small Business Trends, 2011)”.  Billboards, yellow pages, and most recently newspapers are all signs of traditional forms of advertising that are no longer consider effective.  Consumers are now choosing the internet as the primary resource for information.  This now brings the challenge of advertising and budgets to a new focal point for small businesses.

Every business is concerned with advertising and marketing budgets. The greatest concern seems to be measuring results.  Is digital advertising worth the time and money that was spent on it or will be spent?  Will this form of advertising successfully reach my target audience?  These are top concerns for Small Business Owners when considering an epic move into the world of internet marketing.  “Internet advertising is an ever-growing industry that is always changing. It is cheaper and more cost effective now than traditional advertising is because of the difference in the way customers look for information now. (Muse The Agency, 2012).” According to Muse the Agency internet marketing is cost effective and the place to find the target audience.

What are your thoughts? Please post a comment.

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Vine for Small Businesses

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms on the internet.  It’s a social media platform that allows its users to send a text blast to multiple recipients by using 140 characters or less.  The owner of Twitter has taken the same concept of short messaging to another level through a new social media platform called Vine.  Vine is a six second video that can be uploaded to a Twitter thread.  Vine support  describes it like this … “Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine profile and the timelines of your Vine followers. You can also share your video posts to Twitter or Facebook.”

Vine has the ability to offer many small business advantages.  This type of visual and audio advertising provides the capability of stimulating the emotional effects of consumers in the same way as a movie trailer does to its audience.  The actual video offers the option of adding a caption or location information for directions to the small business.  The use of Vine advertising for small business also caters to the behavior of the target audience by the use of social media.  Social media has an enormous talent for captivating a larger and younger audience for future generations of potential sales.  According to Twitter “Already, many businesses are making use of the new application to showcase their fans and followers as well as to bring brand awareness by showing an inside look to such things as office culture, production creation and company history.”

A few known businesses such as Heineken, Comedy Central and our very own White House in Washington D.C. are now using Vine to communicate to its followers. Using Vine is very simple.  At the present time Vine is only available to iOS users such as iPhone and iPad. By using the video application on the Apple product the video can be saved and later uploaded to the Vine app for use.  The video can be stopped, restarted and edited as needed. It’s that easy. Just remember the video is only six seconds long.

Vine seems to have taken off to a great start and many users are enjoying the app.  The use of Vine has the gift of an un-measureable increase a small business’s return on investment. What do you think of Vine? Please comment below.

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Is Social Media Cost Effective for Businesses?

Many business, large and small have huge concerns about using social media as a form of communication or online advertising.  Several reason can cause companies to become alarmed about the fear of Social Media and the unkown effects it may have to the organization. Knowing how to effectively use Social Media can cause a business to reap great rewards and benefit from its success. Meanwhile, not knowing how to use Social Media can inadversedly cause Businesses to be concerned about the cost of the orginazation’s reputation. Companies might believe that social media can cause damage by rumors of bad service or a not so good product.

In my opinon Social Media can be used in a positive manner to creat more business and/or used for damage control of rumors. So in yu opinon is Social Media Cost Effective for Businesses? What do you think? Please provide your comments below.

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